Areas Of Involvement

Hydroelectric Projects

Areas of Work

  •   Feasibility Studies.
  •   Detail Project Report (DPR-Geology) Preparation.
  •   In-Situ Stress Measurement.
  •   Measurement of Deformability and Shear Strength Parameters.
  •  Analysis of Stability of Multiple Caverns using 3D continuum and Discontinuum numerical models.
  •   Analysis of cross tunnels and pillar stability.
  •  Design of excavation methodology for extraction of caverns with minimum damage to the rock mass.
  •   Borehole TV Camera Studies.
  •   Detection of Cracks using GPR and Seismic Studies.
  •   Microseismic Monitoring of powerhouse complex.
  •   Instrumentation, monitoring and data analysis of caverns, cross tunnels, desilting chambers, HRT, TRT, Surge Shaft, Pressure Shaft and other tunnels.
  •   Long term monitoring of underground structures.
  •   Geodetic monitoring of dam.