As per regulations of Right to Information Act, 2005, we have uploaded the following Information Manuals in public domain on the web site. Some of the manuals do not apply to us while the Citizen's Charter will be uploaded after approval from Government.

01 Procedure followed in decision making process, including channels of supervision and accountability. Details
02 Norms set for discharge of functions of various officials Details
03 Rules, Regulations, Instructions, Manuals and Records used by employees for discharging their duties Details
04 Statement of Categories of Documents held by various categories of employees or under their control Details
05 Citizen's Charter of NIRM Details
06 Facilities available for Citizens for obtaining Information, availing Library or Reading Room (If maintained) Details
07 Monthly remuneration received by various employees (2017-18) Details
08 Budgetary estimate for last fiscal (2017-18) Details


a. Manner of execution of subsidy programmes, their beneficiaries and amount allocated for them -
b. Particulars of recipients of Concessions, Permits or authorisation granted by us -
c. Details of information available/ held in electronic form -