International Day of Yoga

International Day of Yoga Celebration - IDY 2017 NIRM, Bengaluru, 560070

In continuation of the tradition of participating in the worldwide programme on International Day of Yoga, NIRM celebrated IDY-2017 by conducting Yoga Session in the NIRM office premises. The yoga session was organised on 21-06-2017,from 9:30 am to 10:45 am. The session was coordinated by NIRM Scientist Dr.Prasnna Jain with the participation of all the Scientists and Staff of NIRM HO (Bengaluru) and NIRM RO (KGF).
At Bengaluru, the Yoga Session was conducted by the local Yoga exponent Sanyasi Devanand, Yoga Guru from AtmaDarshanAshram, Bengaluru.At KGF office Yoga session was conducted by the Guru from Prajapita Brahma KumarisIshwariyaVishwaVidyalaya. Yoga Gurus also delivered short speech on the benefits of yoga and urged all the employees to make yoga a daily practice in their lives.

The following is the list of aasanas practiced in the Yoga session.

  • Padmaasana
  • Prayer in Meditative Posture with Chin Mudra
  • Joint Movements (Ankle, Neck, Shoulders andKnees)
  • MaarjariAasana
  • PurnaTitliAasana
  • Taadaasana
  • TiryakTaadaasana
  • Kati Chakraasana
  • Kandharaasana
  • SuptaUdaraKarshanaasana
  • Yoga Nidra (short period)
  • Shavaasana
  • Closing Prayer in Meditative Posture with Chin Mudra

The interactive session comprised of clarifications and explanations by the Yoga Guru. All the employees participated with full enthusiasm to mark the IDY 2017.The session was so well designed considering the age, working and background. The Yoga Gurugave useful practical tips and suggestions to enable the employees practice at home and as well as at places where they travel for their duties. Reiterating the essence of Yoga, Yoga Guru in IDY2016 stressed on ManahaPrasaadam (Be joyful without any reason; unconditional) and Namaskaar Yoga (expression of respect to other lives; both externally and internally). For IDY 2017 his emphasis was on Kshama (attitude of forgiveness) and Maitri (attitude of friendliness). This was advised in daily practice of inner tranquil that will ensure smooth and healthy working atmosphere.

Following are the photographs of the Yoga Session – IDY2017