KEY RESPONSIBILITIES NIRM defines the duties/responsibilities and authorities of officers as well as employees at all levels as per organizational chart. Key Responsibilities of various personnel down the hierarchy line-up are as under :


  •  Director is the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of the NIRM.
  •  He has wide administrative and financial powers as defined in the schedule of powers.
  •  He is the final approving authority within the Institute.
  •  Being a technical person he also advises on technical matters.
  •  He is responsible for providing guidance to Scientists as and when required.
  •  He is responsible for providing necessary resources within the rules and regulations of the institute.
  •  He is responsible for ensuring completion of work to the satisfaction of clients.
  •  He is responsible for the effective and efficient performance of all the staff/ Institute.


  •  Registrar is in charge of administration and finance wing.
  •  He is responsible for purchase and stores of the Institute.
  •  Responsible for day to day functioning of finance and administration.
  •  Finance and administrative papers require his comments or consent before putting up to the Director.
  •  Contractual works on campus maintenance and security is handled by the Registrar.


  •  FAO is in-charge of all the financial matters of the Institute.
  •  He is also responsible for Internal Audit.
  •  All matters related to finance requires his concurrence or comments.
  •  All financial papers are to be put up through FAO to COA ( and then to the Director).

Head of Departments

  •  He is the Chief Executive of the Division.
  •  He guides the Scientists and the Staff of the Department to carry out the various works.
  •  He is responsible for maintaining the available facilities in the Department.
  •  He should ensure calibration of the equipment/instruments.
  •  He is responsible for proper execution of all the sponsored projects.
  •  He should plan and monitor the research/sponsored/consultancy projects of his division.
  •  He is responsible for interacting with the industry for securing sponsored projects.
  •  He is responsible for getting clients feedback.
  •  He has to generate resources as per the targets.
  •  He should help the Scientists and Staff in self-development and training.
  •  He has to liaison between the Scientists and the Staff of the Department with the Director and the Administration.
  •  He has to assist the Institute in all the developmental activities in general.

Project Leaders

  •  He has to interact with the industry for getting sponsored projects & generate the targeted resources.
  •  He has to plan, execute and monitor the research projects.
  •  He has to allocate jobs to the team members; ensuring team work.
  •  He has to monitor the progress of the research projects, and ensure timely and successful completion of the projects.
  •  He has to brief the HOD/Director regarding the progress of work, any problems and requirements for future.
  •  He has to interact with the sponsorers, and giving advice as and when needed.
  •  He has to guide and train the young Scientists of the department/Group.
  •  He is responsible for optimal utilisation of all available resources within the department/ institute.

Scientists/ Scientific Assistants

  •  They should execute the research projects as per the advice of the Project Leader/HOD.
  •  They should carry out the field and laboratory investigations as required.
  •  They have to ensure timely and successful completion of the projects.
  •  They have to assist/ accomplish data collection, record entry, analysis, report preparation.
  •  They should inform the Project Leader/HOD on the progress of work, any problems thereof & future requirements.
  •  They should maintain proper records and equipment.
  •  They should ensure self-development in the latest concepts through library study/outside interaction.

Laboratory Assistants/ Technicians

  •  They should accomplish field data collection and laboratory testing.
  •  They should ensure proper maintenance of the laboratory and equipment.
  •  They have to undertake miscellaneous works as advised by the Scientists/ Project leaders/ HOD.