Major Facilities

Major Facilities

The core competency of NIRM in the area of rock mechanics and rock engineering is backed up by dedicated team of scientists in various specialist fields and state-of-the-art equipments for testing and investigations. Some of the notable facilities available with the Institute are :

measuring equipment

Multi-channel vibration measuring equipment for analyzing the effects of vibration and monitoring safety of structures

VoD measuring probe

VoD measuring probe for explosives and high speed video recording for evaluating performance of blast.

geophysical survey equipment

Surface and borehole geophysical survey equipment using GPR, seismic, (P and S waves) and electrical methods for site characterization, defect mapping and stability studies

2D and 3Dmodeling software

BEM and FEM based 2D and 3D modeling software for design of excavation, support system, subsidence prediction, slope stability and other allied investigations

Rock Mechanics instrumentation

Rock Mechanics instrumentation for measurement of stress, strain, displacement and other parameters for monitoring stability of excavation and design of support system

Rock sampletesting facility

Rock sample testing facility for uni-axial and tri-axial compressive and shear strength at normal and higher temperature for fracture mechanics investigation, cyclic loading effect, deformability and other parameters.

In-situ testing facility

In-situ testing facility for determination of major principle stress, shear parameters,

Microseismic monitoring system

Wire rope and materials testing facility for analyzing in-situ defects. Microseismic monitoring system for real-time dynamic stability of excavation.

mechanics investigation

Based for rock mechanics investigation on stability of excavation