Technical Information

Completion of S&T Project

On successful completion of Coal S&T project titled "Assessment of horizontal stress field in deeper horizons and development of roof hazard maps of coal resources in SCCL command area" awarded by Ministry of coal, Govt. of India. The final report was submitted to CMPDI, Ranchi. The report copies also submitted to Sh. B Bhaskar Rao, Director (Project & Planning, SCCL, Telangana) with brief presentation on 25th November 2019.

Submission of S&T report copies to Sh. B Bhaskar Rao, Director (Project & Planning, SCCL, Telangana)


National Institute of Rock Mechanics (NIRM) was actively associated with the package-6 of Kaleshwaram lift irrigation project. NIRM deployed one residence engineering Geologist at the project site during Aug 2013 to Dec 2018 for carrying out construction stage engineering geological investigations. NIRM has also played an important role in the conversion of the open pump house and surge pool cavities to underground caverns.

For the design of steel liners deformability modulus of rock mass is one of the prime parameters which is determined by carrying out in-situ investigations. Accordingly, plate load tests were carried out by Geotechnical Engineering division of NIRM to ascertain the in-situ modulus of deformation in the Delivery Main (DM) tunnels of Kaleshwaram project, package-6 in February 2017.

View of heading portion of pump house

Plate load test setup in delivery mains

The excavation was completed as per schedule. Seven pumps (124.46 MW each) are installed which will lift 146.24 TMC water for drinking for en-route villages, industrial water and irrigation of 18.25 lakh acre agricultural land for seven districts. The trial run of the pumps is already started.