Areas Of Involvement

Underground Metal Mines

Areas of Work

  •   Design and optimisation of stope parameters.
  •   Assessment of stress and displacement limits.
  •   Study of stability of crown and rib pillars.
  •   Instrumentation of stopes.
  •   Evaluation of stability of mine shafts.
  •   Determining the cap rock dimensions.
  •   Blast design for optimum production.
  •   Design and application of fibre reinforced shotcrete in mines.

Underground Coal Mines

Areas of Work

  •   Design of coal pillars.
  •   Strata control investigations in depillaring areas.
  •   Subsidence studies and prediction.
  •   Design of partial extraction panels under surface structures.
  •   Support design for gallery and depillaring district.
  •   Geophysical investigations to detect the old workings.
  •   Micro-seismic during longwall retreat.
  •   Investigations in blasting gallery panels.
  •   Monitoring the supports and strata during longwall retreat.
  •   Assessing the feasibility or workability of coal seams under difficult ground conditions.
  •   Optimisation of pillar dimensions in steeply dipping seams.