About NIRM

NIRM is the only institution in south Asia exclusively devoted to research in rock mechanics. Over the period of last 25 years, the institute has the privilege to provide its expertise to various central, state government agencies and public sector undertakings in the field of mining, hydroelectric projects, nuclear power projects, oil and gas sector and various infrastructure project authorities including rail, road, airports, hospital etc. The Institute has been developed as a Centre of Excellence for Rock Engineering, with the following broad areas of activities :

  • Design of mine workings for improved safety and productivity.
  • Design of rock excavations, support systems for safety and stability.
  • Optimal site characterisation for strategic constructions.
  • Instrumentation and monitoring for ensuring stability of excavations.
  • In-situ and laboratory based tests as per ISRM standards.
  • Rock deformability Characteristics.
  • Information dissemination by training program and short-term courses.

Apart from these activities, the Institute also offers facilities for post graduate and doctoral research in applied rock mechanics. The high quality services provided by NIRM have found wide acceptance in the industry. With modern equipment and a coherent team of experienced and dedicated Scientists, NIRM combines research activities and consulting services to provide solutions for a wide range of rock engineering problems. The spheres of NIRM activities are divided into ten scientific departments / groups with a specialist team for each of them. The key to our success lies in 'Excellence through Innovation'.

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