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Director H S Venkatesh

Dr H S Venkatesh


The National Institute of Rock Mechanics (NIRM) is a premier centre for research in applied and basic rock mechanics. NIRM is committed to provide latest technology to mining, civil and construction industries, both in India and abroad, to achieve improved production, productivity, with enhanced safety and economy. NIRM integrates theory and practice to provide specialized services of rock mechanics / rock engineering for coal and non-coal mines, hydroelectric projects, nuclear power projects, irrigation schemes, tunneling works, underground oil and gas storage caverns and other projects related to excavation in rock.

The institute has expertise in different aspects of mining technology, including blasting techniques, design of methods of extraction, support design, ground control, strata and support monitoring, and identification of hidden structures or water bodies located in inaccessible places. It carries out design methodologies for underground and opencast mines in synergy with the National Mineral Policy. The Institute also provides comprehensive package for hydroelectric projects, including preparation of detailed projects reports (DPR), geological and geotechnical investigations, in-situ and laboratory determination of stress and strength parameters of the rocks and rock masses, design of excavation methodologies, numerical modeling of the excavations to understand the stresses and deformations around the openings, and monitoring the excavation stability using conventional and micro-seismic monitoring techniques. The investigations extend from pre-construction stage to construction and post-construction stages. Expertise is also available with the Institute in the fields of underground space technology for construction of underground storage facilities and for rapid mass transportation system. 

With a team of qualified, experienced and dedicated Scientists, NIRM has been able to complete the projects in time and to the satisfaction of the clients. The specialised and unique nature of its work, and its prompt services, has been recognized by the industry. With rapid and large-scale growth in the mining and infrastructure industries, the role of the Institute will get bigger and bigger day by day. 

To meet the future opportunities and challenges of the industry, the existing departments of the Institute will be gradually upgraded into major Centres of Research. The Institute proposes to take up turnkey projects and inter-disciplinary projects, as a package, for the benefit of the industry. We also propose to take up collaborative research work with other institutes. 

Various Govt agencies, Public Sector and Private companies have been associated with NIRM and have contributed to the growth of the Institute during the past two decades. While thanking them all, I look forward to continued support and cooperation from them in our future endeavors.


Our Past Directors

Dr. V. Venkateswarlu

Dr. V. Venkateswarlu

February 2013 – May 2017

Present Address : T-2, Ajjarapu Heights, 1-7-1, Opp. Post Office, Sriram Nagar (near Bhanu Gudi Junction), Kakinada-533003, East Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh

Dr. P. C. Nawani

Dr. P. C. Nawani

February 2008 - July 2011

Present Address : G-202, JMD Garden Sohna Road, Sector-33 Gurgaon- 122018,Haryana

Dr. R N Gupta

Dr. R. N. Gupta

October 1998 - May 2006

Present Address : # C-002, Gopalan Celestial Greens PO - C V Raman Nagar Old Madras Road, Bengaluru - 560093

Dr. N. M. Raju

Dr. N. M. Raju

June 1989 - October 1998

Present Address :# 327, Jalavayu Vihar Kukatapally Hyderabad - 500072